Blueberry Nights

When life hands you blueberries make scones and get drunk.

The Husband was busy training for a cycling race and finishing up his final semester projects, so Lily, Poppy, the Monster and I had ourselves a girls’ day in. We made blueberry scones and watched Eat Pray Love in our pajamas. Then we decided a blueberry cocktail was the best way to find balance in our lives. Screw meditation. After that, we napped off our blueberry filled bellies. It was a nice way to spend a Sunday.

Blueberry Scone Recipe:

1 2/3 cup all purpose flour
1 tblsp baking powder
2 tblsp extra fine sugar
1 stick cold butter
1 cup milk
1 egg, whisked

Blend first four ingredients until reaches a breadcrumb consistency. Add milk and continue to blend. Spread dough on floured surface. Roll into whatever shape you fancy (I just shlopped it together in a ball cuz I’m lazy), brush with whisked egg and bake on greased pan until golden (about 25-30 minutes).

Blueberry Cocktail:

Soda water

Blend vodka and blueberries. Add a dash of soda water and splash of lemon.

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16 thoughts on “Blueberry Nights

  1. Nothing better than sweets and drinks!

  2. That blueberry cocktail has my name all over it!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  3. mmmm, love blueberries. that cocktail looks so good!

  4. meeshiesmom says:

    Blueberry has to be my favorite fruit. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  5. This day sounds perfect! I can handle the blueberry cocktail, but scones always intimated me. Perhaps the cocktail will help with the fear of baking scones!

  6. elizabeth says:

    Please come stay for two weeks and cook for me every day. I will fill you with alcohol and design ideas.

  7. Belen says:

    My mouth is watering! You are becoming a little Martha Stewart S!
    I had lemon ricotta pancakes this weekend (at the village idiot on melrose). They were pretty heavenly. Ur scones look just as delicious if not more!

  8. Ash says:

    Oh, what fun! Thanks so much for sharing the recipes : )

  9. sounds like a fabulous day to me! Hope you didn’t turn violet “you’re turning violet, Violet” hehe gotta love Willy Wonka

  10. Janice Hogland says:

    Stop the presses. Scones? You’ve dang gone and lost it, girl! Send these over to me ASAP! Love the pictures, love your blog!

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