Braided Top Bun

I’ve always been a “hair down” type of girl. I think it’s the result of my chubby childhood. When you’re fat at 12, you either become the funny kid or you hide behind your hair. I’m not the funny kid.

I still usually wear my mane down, although it’s wild most days and is in desperate need of a deep conditioning. But every once in a while, I’ll see a carefree girl with a fishtail braid or a top knot and I try and convince myself that my cheeks will look just as slender even if they’re not half hidden by my hair. Next time I feel really secure with myself, I’m making friends with this braided top bun.

Hair tutorial by A Cup of Jo (one of my fav blogs on the Web)

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5 thoughts on “Braided Top Bun

  1. Lauren says:

    oh shut up! you are SO the funny girl!! and gorgeous. and you have lovely hair. i’m jealous. so THERE! 😛

  2. elizabeth says:

    Stop bitching – you are gorgeous.

  3. love it! I usually prefer my hair down too, but lately I can’t get enough of wearing it in high buns on the top of my head… very chic I think

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