Neutral Leather

Justified use of leather:

Cruel use of leather:

Images: 1, 2

Do we agree?

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11 thoughts on “Neutral Leather

  1. Julie says:

    Cruel and unflattering… Malin why?

  2. ash says:

    Totally! I can’t stand Malin Ackerman anyway though, so even if it looked good I’d probably agree. I think that leather can be tasteful when used correctly, and even a no brainer – but as a dress? And a short one? The shape isn’t the problem. Maybe not even the colour. If this was chiffon or even a layered cotton, it would drape beautifully. Leather is just too stiff for this kind of dress.

  3. Oh my, that first pic: I would totally wear that. Great thanks, now I need a new wardrobe!

    Malin Ackerman is so pretty; too bad she doesn’t look it here.

  4. Tamra says:

    agreed!! but perhaps that is because I’m not feeling the dress.

  5. mini says:

    agreed!! i need that jacket

  6. So so so agree. Overkill

  7. I definitely agree! I love the first look! the contrast in fabrics is amazing

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I actually love the dress Malin Ackerman is wearing, I just wish it were a stronger color for her skin tone. I have no problem with leather if it is using the entire animal that is being eaten for food. I would wear a human skin as a dress if it made me look that thin and good. 🙂
    E (

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