Ethnic Stuff and Stupid Me

My mom always tried to pawn her goods from the Middle East onto me and I rejected everything because I thought it was cooler to shop at Pottery Barn. Now I clutch my belly in pain as I think of the authentic kilim, silk and hand embroidered stuff I turned away.  I think it’s time to ransack the Parents’ house and pray there are some leftover scraps.

Rooms with ethnic flair that make me want to murder myself for turning down good shit:

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Moral: listen to your mother.

Happy Friday and learn from my mistakes.

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7 thoughts on “Ethnic Stuff and Stupid Me

  1. […] was the year that I started to appreciate more ornate interiors. Remember, when I punched myself for not accepting the numerous kilim rugs my mom gifted me. That was BB (before blogging). These […]

  2. isn’t that funny how it works – things you never thought you would want and then you need them!

  3. yes, moms are always right! nice picks!

  4. So true. It’s painful to look at, and think of the possibilities! I must look away, but such great images. I love the touch of ethnic mixed in with more contemporary pieces, especially!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    you are stupid. but i love you.

  6. ash says:

    We all do it though, don’t we? I’m kicking myself for not taking on my Grandmother’s ‘secondary’ Wedgwood dishes (I know what you’re thinking – how is Wedgwood ever secondary? But she has two sets!). I doubt they’d have made the trip to Texas, though, so maybe she’ll still be offering them up later. Gorgeous photos – when I buckle down and actually start decorating, I don’t know how I’m going to be able to choose or combine all the styles I’m loving. I guess that’s part of design, though, isn’t it? Everything you love, coming together to make one beautiful space. Happy learning! 😀

  7. I’ve been drawn to ethnic prints lately too… you got some good picks there!

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