Waterfall Village

And now a little more about our exotic vacation…

The natives in Fiji were overly friendly so of course the cynic in me refused to believe it was real. It was effing real people. I heard more “bula” in our six days on that island than “hello” from my neighbors in the last five years.  One day, we strayed a little too far from our resort.  The air was thick with humidity and my hamstrings were starting to ache. Just like a knight in shining armor, a 76′ minivan (I have no idea what make or model it was, but I’m sure it was assembled in 1976) slowed its engine and offered us a ride back. My hamstrings greedily accepted even though the American in me was shooting off  “kidnap” and “rape” alarm bells.

Turns out our knight, also known as Brother Wamee, coordinates outings for tourists who don’t want to spend outrageous resort fees on day trips. Despite my hesitation — he made a cannibalism joke — we booked a trip to the waterfall village and spent the next day hiking, horseback riding, swimming in the fresh spring water and mingling with the village people and their roosters. 

I remember this day fondly.

Back tomorrow with the last of the photos!

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7 thoughts on “Waterfall Village

  1. Adorable!! Looks like such an amazing time (minus the lizard 😉 )

  2. elizabeth says:

    That’s comforting.

  3. Thanks ladies! Liz, if you’ll note in the second photo, The Husband is gigantic and can protect me from a potential rape/murder situation.

  4. Great memory!! Those are the best — the unexpected. Lovely photos, of course!

  5. elizabeth says:

    Sabs I would not expect a smart gal like you to get in a rape van, tired or not. However, with a body like that I guess you don’t have to rely on your brains. Good for you.
    -e (modern 24/7)

  6. joAnn says:

    omg, looks amazing…as do you hot mama! that bug is terrifying though…

    joAnn @ http://idratherbeshopping.wordpress.com

  7. Julie says:

    Ahhh Sabra, this sounds like the perfect vacation, minus the tight hammies. So jealous you got to go horse back riding!

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