Fiji Island

Imagine me running around Fiji Island photographing livestock. That’s exactly how I spent 45 percent of my vacation. The other 55 percent was spent sunning myself and indulging in the Stieg Larsson series. Fiji was gorgeous and exotic and tropical and not at all what I expected. I pictured fancy resorts with fancy food and a fancy ocean. Instead I got a simple (but extremely comfortable) resort, fried food and coral-ridden ocean. It was perfect.

Fiji is the most exotic and primitive land I’ve had the pleasure of inhabiting (for a short while anyway). The main road on the main island consists of only two lanes — one side is the sea and the other is a jungle. The Husband and I spent our mornings jogging on the road and came across grazing cows, wild horses, stray dogs and hungry boars. The natives chuckled heartily as they watched the crazy California girl chasing undomesticated animals with her Cannon, but I couldn’t help myself. I’m an animal fanatic.

Here are a few snapshots of the trip. More photos and details coming up tomorrow!

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9 thoughts on “Fiji Island

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  2. You have a great eye. What great photos. Can’t wait to see/hear more.

  3. Stunning photos! what an amazing adventure it looks like you had

  4. joAnn says:

    WELCOME BACK!! i’ve missed ya! we were considering going there for vacay in may but the 19 hour time diff scares me…maybe just easy peasy hawaii instead…

    joAnn @

  5. This looks like absolute heaven on earth!! Hope you had an amazing getaway!

  6. Belen says:

    Beautiful pictures S! Love the one of the horse especially. And I would have ended up coming home with 8 more dogs because I wouldn’t have been able to without them!
    So glad you enjoyed your trip.

  7. Vanessa says:

    Oh, man. All of the ways you described FIji sound amazing, but when you add fried food to the mix… I’m sold.

  8. elizabeth says:

    Sabristicious – Those are gorgeous! You should change the horse or the cow to black and white and blow it up huge.
    Love! But so glad you are back…
    e (

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