Spring Break: Modern 24/7

Hi!  E here from Modern 24/7…workin it out for the Notorious S.A.B. today while she is on vacay in Fiji. I am so jealous, but it’s ok, cuz I just got back from my own vacation to México. I lived in Puerto Vallarta for almost seven years (back in the 90’s, yo) and it is still my fave place to visit. When I go to PV – by the way all the cool kids just call it PV – I have a pretty standard routine:

Pack:  Light.  Mexicans are laid back, and tourists are even more laid back. Nobody cares what you are wearing.

Eat:  PV is a restaurant town, so you really can’t go wrong. Trio, El Dorado (on the beach), La Leche, and El Arrayan are all amazing.  Stop by El Faro (The Lighthouse) for a drink one evening before dinner for sunset watching. If you want to go where the other tourists are going for Mexican food, try Café de Olla (yummy melted queso in a cast iron skillet), or Porto Bello in the Marina for Italian overlooking the yachts.  And if you think you never should have left your own country, and what the *!@? are you doing in México, try De Santos. It’s in an outdoor mall, completely decorated in Restoration Hardware furniture, and there is a casino upstairs. You’ll feel right at home.

Do:  Well, obviously you will want to go to the beach. This is the Pacific, people, it is not clear blue or white sand. So after one day of that mess, go whale watching, or deep sea  fishing, or on a canopy tour. Vallarta Adventures is a very reputable company. Or drive north to a prettier, more secluded beach, like Desdiladeros, or take a water taxi to Las Animas. If you insist on shopping, please go all the way down into the Los Muertos area – Basilio Badillio street has art galleries, including the fabulous Patti Gallardo, and there is a glass shop down there somewhere, too. Everything else will be way overpriced in order to fleece tourists.

Avoid: Timeshare presentations. I don’t care what that guy yells at you about your wife, keep walking and act deaf. You do NOT want to go to a free breakfast. Oh, and don’t get your hair braided on the beach. You are not Bo Derek.  No, you’re not.

Hope you have a blast in PV – if you need any other tips or recommendations, stop by www.modern24seven.blogspot.com and drop me a line!


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7 thoughts on “Spring Break: Modern 24/7

  1. Love you and your humor!

  2. Love everything you put together! I’m going to PV in December and can’t wait (seems so far away)

  3. elizabeth says:

    The leopard sheer shirt is suuuuper cheap – Old Navy! It is so awesome I got two and wear it with jeans and a hot pink lace bra, as well. It is fabulous!

  4. Love that cover up – the leopard one! I need this before summer!!! Where did you get it?


  5. amyc83 says:

    My stepfather is from Puerto Vallarta and Las Animas was my favorite place to go when we visited a while back. LOVE IT!

  6. jswesner says:

    That cover up is adorable! Have a great time!

  7. Julie says:

    Hahaha great vacay advice and no we are not all Bo Derek, but here’s to wishing!
    ~ Julie

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