Spring Break: JL Photographers

I’m Lauren from JL Photographers, covering for Sabra while she’s in Fiji.

Vegas, oh how I love Vegas. In my opinion it is the perfect weekend getaway. Southern Californian’s can drive there in a few hours and feel like we’re entering a totally different world! We can dress in our sassiest attire, best jewelry, fun heels, really just let our party girl alter ego go crazy! The hotels are amazing! Sometimes I have more fun exploring every hotel, while in my party dress (with a glass of champagne of course) than I have in a club! I will admit though, I am a bit of a hotel snob when I go to Vegas. No, not the kind that needs to stay at the most expensive hotel in the largest suite. Not that kind (although that would be fun!!). But I totally judge a hotel based on it’s bathroom!… And if they offer robes ;O) When I go on vacation I want to feel like I am somewhere other than my own house. So a large bathroom with an awesome shower, jacuzzi tub, dual sinks and gorgeous materials definitely trumps my cracker box of a bathroom at home. A TV is also a bonus.

But back to my must haves. Besides a super sexy party dress, here are the things I don’t leave home without!:

The statement piece: An awesome necklace, fun bangles, or pair of earrings to really give your outfit some pop! This is my current fav.

Some sassy heels: Every girl needs a pair of hot heels to strut around in while in Vegas!

The box of fun: In Vegas, you can pile on the makeup and not worry about looking like a hooker ;O)

Luscious Lashes!  Oh yes ladies, I love lashes. If it were acceptable to wear them regularly around town, I would.

And lastly, champagne is a must! Drinking it while getting ready in the hotel room really makes the experience that much more fun, so yes, pop that cork and pour yourself a glass of bubbly! I know I will be doing that in appx 3 weeks :O)

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11 thoughts on “Spring Break: JL Photographers

  1. caitlin says:

    have an amazing trip!! great guest posters ya have lined up 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    and the necklace is frommmmm….. drum roll please… ;O) EXPRESS!!

  3. I have to know where that necklace is from!!! Pretty please tell!

  4. Sarah says:

    Ok, you’ve half talked me in to coming with you in this blog! 😉

  5. elizabeth says:

    I haven’t been to Vegas in years – and you are definitely inspiring me to take a trip! Great heels!
    -e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

  6. Ann says:

    I’m with you! I definitely judge a hotel by it’s bathroom. Namely, the bathtub! If it’s a garden/spa tub, I’m all in-literally! I also judge a restaurant by it’s soup and selection of champagne!

  7. SASSY! I love love love those shoes and the necklace. You are making me want to go to Vegas… right now! :o)

  8. I so agree, Vegas is the perfect weekend getaway!

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