Closet Shame

I couldn’t sit still when I got home from work last night and started obsessively cleaning the house. Even the dogs started to worry when they noticed I was skipping the Biggest Loser to scrub the sink. I also cleaned the stove, took out every scrap of trash and did two loads of laundry, all of which I usually save for the Husband.

There is a reason behind my madness though. My month has been crazy and cleaning/organizing is my way of bringing some semblance of order into my life.  I was on Pinterest (my new hobby) and saw these images of gorgeously simple clothing racks, which put my overstuffed, overzealous closet to shame. I didn’t actually get to organizing my closet last night though. I’ll save that for next Tuesday’s activities.


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6 thoughts on “Closet Shame

  1. Rio Nagar says:

    Haha now you’ve got me hooked on!

  2. I wish I could be neat enough, or have enough space to have my clothing out and exposed but theres just no way!

  3. I too have closet shame and long to have a huge Sex in the City style walk-in someday. Until then I will continue to squeeze every single article of clothing into the largest closet we have:) My poor boyfriend already took the mini one.

  4. Julie says:

    Love the branch although I don’t think even a tree could hold all the crap I have in my closet. Elizabeth, don’t temp me with another Pinterest-like site… another thing to be completely distracted from work/ life!
    ~ Julie

  5. elizabeth says:

    Sabbala – love the second one of a branch! Have you tried Stumbled Upon? Another great site for pics and stuff…

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