Just Another Lonny Post

I know the new issue of Lonny is old news now and your eyes bleed at the thought of another Lonny-inspired blog post, but I’m a person and my feelings count. Please indulge me while I tell you how I feel about these interiors:

This is what I’d want my psychologist’s office to look like. 

The table, stools, chandelier and one of those pillows would look better in my living room.

This makes me like striped walls again.

This completes me.

Everyone is buzzing about this room, but I find it kind of depressing. Maybe it’s the ping pong table and green floors.

Also, I haven’t yet addressed the tragedy in Japan (I aim to keep it lighthearted here on LWP), but I’m overwhelemed with sadness and will participate in a bloggers day of silence on Friday to express my sympathy.

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11 thoughts on “Just Another Lonny Post

  1. We love your blog, you did a great job and we are following you, congratulations.
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    Sao Paulo – Brazil
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    A hug

  2. […] won’t be blogging tomorrow in honor of Japan, but I’ll be back Monday in a less emotional mood and will announce the winner of the […]

  3. elizabeth says:

    Sabriski – I have a great resource for cowhides/zebra hides, etc…
    bbm my ass – e

  4. Belen says:

    I Didn’t know about bloggers day of silence. I will also be participating. Thanks for letting us know S.

  5. I am too in love with the desk/hide/mirror/chair photo! I could literally stare at it for hours. And then dissect how my home comes nowhere near it. Sigh.

    Had not heard about the bloggers day of silence. Thank you.

    • It’s really really good I know! I’m so close to giving in and getting a raw hide just to get some semblence of this look, but it would have to be a faux one. Anyone know where to get decent looking fake animal skin?

  6. I am so with you on this post. That last room? Ehhh, not impressed.

  7. The issue was pretty disappointing, but at least that desk made up for it! Just found out about the day of silence yesterday 😉

  8. Julie says:

    Elizabeth, I completely agree. The Bond burl desk has been on my wishlist forever. I’d also take the cowhide rug, but am pretty sure my pup would mistake it for a rawhide bone.

    Btw Sabra, your Palm Springs vacay looked like a blast and may have convinced me in my debate between there and San Diego for a side trip from my LA vacation!

    ~ Julie

  9. elizabeth says:

    The burl desk is the only photo I saved from Lonny, Sabs! We are on the same wavelength…also, I didn’t know there was a blogger’s day of silence on Friday -so I will announce the pillow winner and then shut my mouth!

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