Palm Springs

This weekend I overdosed on:

  • Sun
  • Calories
  • Laughing out loud

I’m paying for it now. 

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16 thoughts on “Palm Springs

  1. This is making me jealouuuus! Your swimsuit is uuber cute:)

  2. jswesner says:

    Looks like a blast!

  3. Rebecca June says:

    I am so impressed that you posted bathing suit pics! They are gorg, so no surprise.

    Glad you had a blast!


    Rebecca June

  4. WOW! You are hot! Love the photo styling. Which photo filter is that, if you don’t mind me asking?

    Love P.S., especially with the girls. Sigh, it’s been too long since I’ve had a proper girls’ trip. Trying to plan the Hamptons in August (I have never been)!

  5. elizabeth says:

    Sabbie (I am experimenting with nicknames for you) are you kidding me with those pics?! Y’all are all model-gorgeous! Love the photos!

    • Sabbie and Sab were my nicknames growing up so you just tugged on my heart strings!! You’re so sweet. I have to give credit to the instamatic app, though, which does wonders for the skin 😉

  6. joAnn says:

    LOVE your pics…gorgeous! you look amazing!!! glad you had such a fun weekend 🙂

    joAnn @

  7. Vanessa says:

    My jealousy is beyond words. Sweden is rainy and grey right now. Wanna trade?

  8. Tina Ramos says:

    Is it me, or were they shooting the fourth Sex in the City movie. You gals are BEAUTIFUL!

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