Operation Fiji body was launched last night at 6:35 pacific time. That’s when I went for a two mile run followed by an hour of Pilates On Demand and Buns of Steel on VHS (yes, we still have a VHS for this exact reason). I’m tempted to start revealing my daily food intake and exercise plan on this blog to keep me honest, but I’m afraid you’ll judge me when I accidently eat a baguette one day. Like maybe today.

I had the week from hell at work and it’s supposed to rain this weekend so I want to do everything in my power to forget about my day job and just curl up on the couch with the Husband and the animals. Also, I’m going to create a thinspiration board with pictures of models in bikinis to keep me motivated. You must think I’m shallow. I won’t deny it. Blame it on swimsuit season.


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12 thoughts on “Shallow

  1. […] been nearly two weeks since Operation Fiji Body and I’ve been pretty good – mostly stayed away from carbs except that one night; […]

  2. S – I knew my stalker supported me, and I saw that you commented! I had said to myself that I would not blog anymore if I did not get up to 100 followers this year and because of Jen posting those two projects I am close to that! Sometimes you wonder if anyone is reading them, you know? Talk soon…

  3. Belen says:

    You are hilarious S! I enjoy reading ur post so much. Sounds like you are getting a great start on ur workout!
    I’m taking spin tomorrow AM and I am not looking fwd to it, but I need to be Cabo ready!

  4. Sabra you are hilarious – I launched PV Body a month ago and cheated so many times it is ridiculous! I try not to eat any wheat for two weeks (no flour, no cake, no bread!!)The last three days before I go I take the water pills that make you pee a lot. I know that’s terrible! Have a great weekend!!! 🙂 E (modern24seven)

  5. Julie says:

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good, especially for vacation. I’ve started operation LA for an upcoming vacay. Not only am I feeling better, but am finding I have even more energy. My crazy pup doesn’t mind the longer runs either, although he thinks I’m insane when I do my dance workout DVD.

    I also like your plan for forgetting about the week, add a glass of red wine and that is what I’ll be doing tonight!

  6. April says:

    My favorite way to make myself feel bad about eating badly is to go to the store and find an awesome swim suit and try it on. But only if you’re mentally strong enough not to cry in the dressing room!

    Have you tried tracking your food on

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