Spring Holiday

It’s official. We’re going on vacation next month. Our number one choice was Brazil, but a week is not nearly enough time to see South America and a week is all we have. So instead we’re taking a direct flight to Fiji where we plan to be lazy and get tan. I’m thinking now is the time to update my summer wardrobe!

Anyone else planning to travel this Spring?

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18 thoughts on “Spring Holiday

  1. […] trance the last couple of days, but I’m tan, fat and happy so I’d say our trip to Fiji was a success. As disheartening as it was to trade in the tropics for my cubicle, it’s nice to […]

  2. […] the last month, I’ve shamelessly and unabashedly gloated about my upcoming trip to Fiji. Well, the time has officially come. I’m going to be MIA starting tomorrow, but I’ve lined […]

  3. […] Diet shmiet…I will be indulging in lavendar mojitos. So excited for my vacation before my vacation. Happy […]

  4. […] until I can order a cocktail that comes in a coconut and get away with wearing a shirt as a dress. Fiji couldn’t get here fast […]

  5. […] already started to mentally pack for my upcoming trip to Fiji. I’m thinking all I need is a couple of swimsuits, sandals, shifts and totes to take me from day […]

  6. Chassity says:

    You’ve got to be kidding!! So so jealous. I didn’t know THAT was where you’re going! We honeymooned in Tahiti, luv that area.

  7. umm Fiji?? Yes pleaseeee!!! That sounds divine

  8. ooooh, sounds so relaxing! i’m getting the travel bug in me too… gotta start planning. 🙂

  9. joAnn says:

    Lucky duck! Fingers crossed we make it to Italy on April or May..need to call the travel agent today!

    joAnn @ http://idratherbeshopping.wordpress.com

  10. Belen Otero says:

    I love all these images! Especially the 2nd one, i need those wedges. I did a post today on Spring Must haves and there are several pieces you could totally bring to Fiji! (long maxi dress, jumpers and floral tops)

  11. Sorry you are not coming here but so jealous of Fiji!! I used to live in Mexico and am heading back there in a week – love the beach in March! hahaha
    Have fun!
    -elizabeth (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

  12. That is going to be absolutely incredible! Where do you live that there are direct flights to Fiji?? I’m jealous!

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