Gin Fizz Haze

Sadly, my wedding day has come and gone. From this day forward (as of five years ago) I’ll always be the bridesmaid and never the bride. This doesn’t mean I still don’t obsess over all things wedding. BHLDN doesn’t help either. I spotted the Gin Fizz bridesmaid’s dress and immediately planned an entire affair around it. The only thing missing from my wedding…the bride.

BHLDN pom pom shoe clips; Retro wedding invites; Signature wedding cocktails; Gerbera daisy Cake Dianes Cakes and More; Modern vintage reception; Pom pom kissing ball; Vintage bubbles PartyFirst Events; boufant ponytail; Centerpiece flowers;  BHLDN Gin Fizz Shift.

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5 thoughts on “Gin Fizz Haze

  1. Gabriella says:

    Actually, my wedding is in three months and I may be borrowing some of these ideas!

  2. lindsb says:

    those shoes are amazing! I need to find a place to wear them!

    PS- I got those dog candles at Anthro awhile ago, maybe check ebay? Sorry I dont have better news 🙂

  3. joAnn says:

    ooh, what a beautifully imagined event! love the colors you chose!

    joAnn @

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