Flea Market Candlesticks

Remember when I said I was horny on the Internet? Turns out, spray paint is the cure. These flea market candlesticks went from black to glossy white and currently reside in the office until I can find a more suitable spot for them.

To be honest, I kind of miss them black. Luckily, it’s only paint and I can switch up the color of these babies as often as I want. I’ll keep them as is for a bit, but if they still don’t grow on me, I’ll have to test out another color. What do you think?

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13 thoughts on “Flea Market Candlesticks

  1. candles says:

    What fun candlesticks and to paint them colors to match the season is a wonderful idea! Have fun!

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  3. Lauren says:

    Seriously.. I spray paint EVERYTHING! no joke. I think duct tape & spray paint could solve the worlds problems. well, maybe not the worlds, but it sure as hell solves a lot of mine!! LOL 😉

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Just saw similar ones at Nordstrom’s today in silver and they looked amazing! But I really love how they turned out in white as well! The black reminded me too much of Halloween 😦

  5. ash says:

    I like the white, personally. Maybe change the candles? How about one of those natural looking ones … or a fun, poppy sort of colour?

  6. Tabitha says:

    Oh they remind me of the hand in the Adamms Family!
    I’m also a lonely wife- men and their projects sigh.

  7. Rebecca June says:

    I , of course, like the white…especially on the black table!


    Rebecca June

  8. joAnn says:

    love the white! gold would be pretty too. you miss the black now, but with spring right around the corner, it’ll be nice to have them light and bright!

    joAnn @ http://idratherbeshopping.wordpress.com

  9. Ann says:

    White is good but what about gold or silver leaf?

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