Hang Mirror, Buy More Stuff: Check and Check

Last night we hung the mirror in the dining room. “We” meaning our neighbor’s son who we call on to do the stuff we can’t bear doing ourselves. That mirror is heavy and it needed to be earthquake-proofed. Sorry Husband, but I don’t trust you to earthquake-proof anything over 35 lbs. The space is coming together…slowly, but remember what it looked like before. I’m cringing.

Also, if you didn’t already know, I’m a hunter gatherer of  bar cart accessories. Remember when I fell in lust with this tortoise shell ice bucket and these blue tumblers? I found cheap alternatives with the same effect. Next on the list, a brass ice bucket.

(Pier One blue and tortoise tumblers)

(Yes, I like to stare at Brad Pitt’s aging face whilst eating)

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10 thoughts on “Hang Mirror, Buy More Stuff: Check and Check

  1. Tabitha says:

    Drooling over the bar cart. I like your style, where did you get the gold tray from? I’ve been looking for one forever.

    • Thanks Tabitha! I got the tray at Tuesday Morning for $11. Tuesday Morning is similar to Ross or TJMaxx but with more random stuff. I’ll see if I can locate a similar one online and send you the link!

  2. This space is divine. L O V E it!

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  4. Your dining area looks great! Where’s the mirror from… is it really from Ikea? I love the bar cart…and that birdie picture behind those lovely tumblers. Great Job!

    xo, Jeanne

  5. Claire says:

    i liked the mirror the other way. 😦

  6. joAnn says:

    looks great!! xoxo

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