Because Life is Dysfunctional

I’ve always had this fantasty of creating clever greeting cards for occasions that don’t generally warrant a greeting card. I even have an old journal I used to scribble my ideas on. Like “Thank you for carrying our baby in your womb. Your body should bounce back in no time” or “You cheated. Now gimme 50 percent of your earnings.” 

Then someecards was born and my insecurity and lack of wit caused me to throw in the towel. How can anyone compete with the Internet?

Recently, I came across Jen Ramos’ unapologetic cards on Made By Girl. She can definitely compete with the Internet. Seriously, how appropriately inappropriate are these beauties? My favs:


There are many other sweet cards and prints in the Made by Girl shop too! Go look for yourself.

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3 thoughts on “Because Life is Dysfunctional

  1. Milla says:

    Very straight to the point – me likey!!

  2. kc says:

    i LOVE these. love love love!

    You can submit ideas to someecards and sorta fulfill the dream. if you can’t beat em, join em 😉

  3. joAnn says:

    HAHA! i love the last one…perfect for vday 🙂

    joAnn @ i’d rather be shopping

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