Brothers and Sisters

My brother and his new girlfriend came to visit this weekend. I was accused of being aggressive. Apparently, it’s too soon to discuss my bridesmaid dress. I promptly shut my mouth and spent the rest of the time pretending I don’t hope they get married.

We ate some food, drank too much vodka, chilled with large animals, inadvertently went clubbing, got nauseous, hung from trees while nauseous, took photos of our nauseous selves hanging from trees, and loitered by the sea. I’d say it was a success.

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5 thoughts on “Brothers and Sisters

  1. Lou says:

    You drank vodka that had been chilled with large animals?? What the..?

    Okay, okay… I’m just kidding…l but loved the flow on sentence…haha…

  2. lark + linen says:

    it sounds like you accomplished all of the necessaries this weekend!

  3. joAnn says:

    you’re ADORABLE! i love how eager you are for your bro…that’s so sweet! means she’s a keeper 🙂


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