My Weekend

The Husband and I celebrated New Year’s Eve off the couch for the first time since 2008. It took 41 hours to recover, which means we’re nearing middle age. The highlight of my weekend included meeting a couple of my amazing blog readers who made me feel like a Kardashian. (I heart you Myriam!). I wore sequins and faux fur and drank champagne for a lot of hours.

Saturday was mostly spent in a coma, but I did convince the Husband to take me out for carbohydrates and a movie. We binged on manicotti and red wine and watched the Black Swan, which caused me to raid my emergency Ativan stash. Don’t watch that movie unless you have a prescription.

On Sunday, we cleaned the whole house. Then it rained. Then my animals decided to dance on my newly scrubbed floors with their wet paws.

Fun was had by all!

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4 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. alison says:

    Happy New YEar to you too!
    How funny about the Ativan comment with Black Swan…I TOTALLY get it! My anxiety was definitely high during the movie (just watched it the same day you did)…oh my goodness! But I loved the ballet/costumes so much so in hindsight it was worth it.
    xox alison

  2. Chassity says:

    Look at you!! Gorgeousness. So glad you have a fun night out for NYE. Xoxo, Chassity

  3. j says:

    you always make me laugh! i want to watch black swan, but i am terrified. is it as bad as the ring? i haven’t been the same since the ring…

    joann @

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