Two Thousand Eleven

I stopped making resolutions in 2006, so now instead of resolving, I make attempts. This year I will attempt to:

  • Learn how to operate the manual settings on my new camera
  • Wallpaper the dining room
  • Practice yoga
  • Eat less processed foods
  • Remember birthdays
  • Drink more champagne

Happy 2011!


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3 thoughts on “Two Thousand Eleven

  1. […] list of goals to attend to (which should really be called “attempts,” as my friend sabra says) — they include learning how to take better photographs, organizing my life, and […]

  2. j says:

    Haha, attempts — I LOVE that! I was going to make resolutions, but I decided not to….but I will make some attempts too 🙂


  3. Avdelingen says:

    Sounds like really nice goals to aim for. I will drink less wine, but better wine. I will also go for more walks with my family and combine exercise with family fun. And of course I will continue enjoying your posts in this blog.

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