Paint Me a Picture

I started this art project a few weeks ago, but can’t pull myself away from the CW Network long enough to finish. I’ve only gone so far as to resurface these old canvas clocks and they’ve since been blocking the Husband’s motorcycle parking in the garage. He’s starting to show signs of aggression. So I’ve been obsessively perusing blogs in search of inspration. It wasn’t too hard to find.

I LOVE this piece from Jen of Made by Girl

And all of Nicole’s paintings from Sketch42 make me wish we were best friends and it was my birthday.

Purchase  Nicole Cohen’s paintings from her Etsy shop.

I also love the modern simplicity of these black and white prints.
Image via Decor Pad

Image via Decor Pad

I have a couple of days off of work next week before my trip to Atlanta so maybe I’ll bust out my paintbrushes.

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3 thoughts on “Paint Me a Picture

  1. Hello,
    i am. 15 Years old now.
    my favourite paintings can be seen on my homepage.
    tags are speed, coulour, fantasy . Have a look at these paintings. It takes some people miles away.

  2. Sketch42 says:

    awww thanks! So nice of you!

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