Crime Scene

My Husband tells me to roll with the punches, but sometimes I’d rather just cry. My white shag rug was delivered this weekend and we picked up our newly reupholstered couch cushions, which inspired me to spend half the day yesterday cleaning from top to bottom. Everything was in pristine condition for exactly 27 minutes. And then Dexter decided to tear through the house, shaking his head and splattering blood ALL over my couch and rug. He had a small dog park wound on the tip of his floppy ear that started to spontaneously drip blood. I threw a mini temper tantrum over my stained furniture before we drove him to the vet. He got one of those face-lift type bandages, which he tore off 20 seconds after leaving the parking lot, worsening the wound. So the Husband and I spent the night covering our couches in old sheets, rolling up all the rugs, removing the window panels and laying towels on every square inch of the floor. The cut on his ear is too small for sutures and should heal on its own, but the Monster is prone to violently shaking his head, which reopens the wound, thus resulting in blood splatters. My home is starting to resemble a murder scene. At least he’s living up to his namesake.

On a brighter note, I did manage to snap a few photos of my clean house before the yellow caution tape went up. I’ll post those soon!

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