Office Sneak Peek

Remember when I put my foot down and finally sold the XX Large desk and chair in our office/guest room? Since then, we repainted the puke green walls, purchased some size appropriate furniture and did some rearranging to create a much more pleasant space. It’s not done yet, but here’s a preview for the curious.

Before: Fugly walls and bed in the middle of the room

Can you even believe I allowed that chair into our home?

Better huh?

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9 thoughts on “Office Sneak Peek

  1. […] Sometimes life is blah. So I buy things to make it less so. Like this black and white zigzag rug that’s exactly what I imagined for the office/guest room. […]

  2. Natalie says:

    Oooh pretty! Love that lamp 🙂

  3. Leah says:

    Oh yes! I am so excited to see it in an actual space! It is amazing!
    Do you mind if I share this on my blog?
    Luvs doll!

  4. spark! says:

    Looks great! I love that lamp and the art work leaning partially against the window.

  5. Tracey says:

    OOh i love this. Hope you don’t mind if i blog it? xx

  6. Jacqueline says:

    Hi, just found your blog and love the sneak peek of your office! Can’t wait to see the rest :). I’m already feeling inspired since my husband just went back to school as well so I have a lot more free time.

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