Lazy Halloween

This is the extent of my Halloween decorations this year. I’m even too lazy to paint a face on my pumpkins with a sharpie. But doesn’t the novelty six-pack of pumpkin-infused beer add so much character?

Speaking of pumpkins, the Husband and I had another disagreement this weekend that could potentially harm the innocence of our future children.

He we aim to be cost-conscious individuals who stay away from pumpkin patches and Christmas tree lots. Instead, we buy our holiday goods at grocery stores where they’re much cheaper. The gorgeous pumpkins we bought this year cost a total of $4 from Ralphs (note: we did get $2 off the large pumpkin for buying the beer – see, cost conscious).

I have no problem with our current method, but in the future when we have kids, I want us to frolic among the patches as a family and take lots of photos and make lots of memories. I can’t imagine bundling up my little ones to drive them over to the local Rite Aid to pick out a tree.

The Husband doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with making our children aware of capitalism in the marketplace before they start kindergarten. According to him, if it’s cheaper to buy at Ralphs, then we’ll be making memories among the produce section.

Are there any other wives out there who can emphatize?

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3 thoughts on “Lazy Halloween

  1. bryn says:

    hi sabra! it’s bryn, your former copy chief at [x]press 😉

    i stumbled across your blog tonight — my husband is out and my child is asleep and i actually have a few moments to myself — and! i have the perfect solution for you and the hubs. find a pumpkin patch like the one we go to up here in half moon bay. they don’t sell a single pumpkin, no matter the size, for more than $5. the medium-sized ones we usually choose are $2-$3. cheap AND photo op-worthy.

    (p.s. love your blog)

  2. Jennifer says:

    We (me, husband, Mom, brother and sister-in-law)were discussing something similar just the other day as we were trying to run my nephew’s and his family’s life over “table talk”. Notice, they were not present…it always works out better that way 🙂
    They have 3 yr old twins and Baby Girl wanted to go as a princess and Baby boy wanted to be a dinasour. Mama said they were going as Dracula and Dracula’s bride. Maybe a friend gave her costumes, or she found them at a reasonable price, plus its a lot easier, I imagine.
    Well, Auntie “Noseybody” (me) said, “Halloween is not about practicality!” I could think of nothing more horrific. But, as it turned out, the children were quite happy with their costumes. Who woulda thunk it??
    As a Libra, I see both sides, maybe you could do both…buy the pumpkins at Ralphs and set aside a weekend to just go enjoy the pumpkin patch as a family. I dont have children, but I feel pretty sure we would have the same discussion here.

  3. Parsifal says:

    It’s all about being together as a family and creating that memory in a pumpkin patch.

    We did this just yesterday 🙂

    Hopefully, he’ll understand in future years that the memory is worth so much more than a few, precious dollars…

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