Bad Habit Accessories

I’m on the hunt for a fancy ashtray. The Husband likes to enjoy a cigar now and then and I like to puff occasionally so we want something pretty to look at while giving ourselves cancer. Ashtrays have gone out of style quicker than you can say cigarette so it’s tough to find something that doesn’t resemble the $1.99 ones they sell at the dollar store. On the flip side, the gorgeous antique ashtrays I found on 1STDIBS cost way more than I would ever spend, but there’s no harm in fantasizing.

It’s Hermes. I love it. Enough said.


This pair of Murano Iridato Glass Ashtrays by Seguso sort of look like silicon implants, but something about them is incredibly sensual.

This dreamy Tiffany Art Moderne Sterling Silver Cigar Ashtray from 1940 makes me want to take up smoking. It’s so Mad Men, isn’t it?

I die for the color of this Fontana Arte ashtray, but the $2,800 price tag is absurd.

I’m heading to the dollar store.

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