Under 18 Not Allowed

It’s always a nice boost to your self esteem when your husband has to buy the spray paint because you don’t have the identification to prove you’re over 18. Home Depot really takes the war on drugs and graffiti seriously. After three trips, we were finally able to complete the mirror project.

Here’s a shot of the mirror pre-paint job. Extremely ominous right?

The first order of business was taping the mirror so I wouldn’t have to scrape any paint off later. Unlike my usually hasty self, I took my time and made sure every centimeter was covered.

And then onto the sanding. The lovely Husband decided it was in his best interest to stop watching and start helping at this point.

Three coats and 24 hours later, the final product. I can finally breathe easy.

There’s still much left to do in the dining room like hang the mirror and get a new rug, but I’m another step closer so I’m happy. And this particular project only cost about $15 dollars so the Husband is happy too.

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3 thoughts on “Under 18 Not Allowed

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