Why Pottery Barn? Why?

Remember when I said I needed this rug? Well, that was before I spotted the now discontinued Pottery Barn Moorish Rug in pineapple. I literally called every single Pottery Barn outlet in the country to find out if there was a 5×8 hiding out somewhere, but the rug is definitely non-existent. So began my hunt for a similar version with the Moroccan-inspired pattern. I found several others at different price points, but none of the yellows are the perfect shade of my beloved pineapple. Should I just forget about this rug and continue my search for something else or settle with one of these boring yellows?

[My beloved: Pottery Barn Moorish Rug]

[Home Decorator’s Argonne Rug]

[Jill Rosenwald for Surya Rug: Fallon]


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