The Right Mood

Sometimes it’s hard to picture what I have in mind for a certain room without seeing it all together in one place. My first order of business is to redecorate the dining room. Last night, I removed our old dining room chairs and replaced them with the new clear acrylic chairs that are apparently all the rage. I hate to be trendy,  really I do, but my small space requires invisible seating.

Once I got the new chairs up, I immediately became depressed. They do not go well with the current rug and other decor in the room. The mood is now dark and ominous. I plan to change all of that and I decided to get crafty today and create a ghetto mood board (I don’t have Photoshop skills, so copying and pasting images onto Word is the best I can do). What do you think?

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One thought on “The Right Mood

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