Poor Husband Won’t Know What Hit Him

Five years after moving into our 1,300 square foot townhouse, we finally redid our floors. Take note that when we signed the mortgage papers, I swore I wouldn’t move a single box into the place until the chipped, art-deco marble and wavy berber carpet was replaced. Two job lay-offs, three dogs and a DIY kitchen makeover later, I had to learn to come to terms with the floors. Until our recent five year wedding anniversary, which ironically is symbolized by wood, gave me the perfect excuse to harass the husband. Insert my new laminate floors. (I realize laminate is not wood, but it’s a durable alternative for the no-kill shelter I’m running out of my house). 

Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for my husband, the renovation took place weeks before he goes back to school to get his MBA, which means I can preoccupy myself with redecorating. The new floors totally have my inspiration juices flowing. Although we both work full-time, money is a bit tight so I’ll have to work slow and work on a budget.

And this is where the Loney Wife Project begins.

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3 thoughts on “Poor Husband Won’t Know What Hit Him

  1. […] I kissed the old point-and-shoot goodbye and took some updated photos of our home with my new SLR camera. Granted I’m no photographer, but at least you get a clearer picture of what I’ve done to the place. I included some before shots of my living and dining room so you can see the hideousness I lived with prior to redoing our floors. I was a saint for putting up with the chipped marble and berber carpet for as long as I did. (The befores were taken as we were clearing house to prepare for the floor install. It was never that bare bones). Read more about these makeovers here, here, and here. […]

  2. […] Sabra| Leave a comment The dining room isn’t finished yet, but it has come a long way since redoing our floors a few months ago. The new rug I ordered was delivered yesterday and it’s so much less […]

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